Story of Company





Story of Company

Services of Hostess

Ejective Coordinators * Image * Promotion's Agent

Congresses, Conventions and Fairs * Interpreters * Hospitality Desk

Other Services

Azafatas Levante was born in 1991 to offering a new concept of services it named “Image Hostess” (models) with referring. For it, we developed a new selection system and formation that we become differentiated of ours competition.

This selection system besides to filter candidatures for physical characteristics and formation, that included some personality tests to have an approximation of aspects than: spontaneity, education, liking, modest, etc. of personal that Azafatas Levante consider vital for the perfect presentation of different services to offer.

Azafatas Levante in 10 years ago of creation has experimented a constant and sustained growth, based in a confidence of ours clients, to demanded an extension of new services in other areas, as are, the Promotion in Sale’s Point, Congresses, Fairs, Expositions, Conventions and Interpreters in others.

For the rest of services, Azafatas Levante have an agreement with other companies of others sectors to permit offering with great warranty a series of complementary services as: Catering, Rent a Car, Rend Furniture, Dancers, Graphical Production of pamphlet, etc.

Like that, due in large demand of own services that own clients request to us around Spanish territory, Azafatas Levante has selected the best image agencies of principal Spanish Provinces, to give a personal services, always with ours supervision.

At present time, Azafatas Levante can affirm that it is into hostess agencies more recognizes in Valencian Community, that fact can doing to opt sector leadership of own community.

Services of Hostess



She is a responsable of rest hostess group during the presentation of service, her work is the coordination of grup, adjustment of services, supervision of hostess' adaptation, job's distribution and detect, note and solve possible incidences.

Her perfil required is a good presence, capaciti of leadership, organisation's talent and conflicts' negotiation.


She crash of typical hostess, she has a goodness physical presence. That hostess ideal to jobs to required be attention center and give a contracted services.

She has as all hostess education, spontaneity, liking, modesty and gift of the gab.


Her job is developing in Sale's Point to makes a promotion with trying the product, tasting, free samples, presents, catalogue, etc, and possibles objectives of the client.

In her perfil stand out to other characters of own other hostess, she has ability to transmit liking and confiance in active way, and be able to approach a future consumer whit naturalness and without to generate feeling of chase.

Her aim will be evaluating in a dialogue with the consumer to detect feeling to product of own client.



Her job is a services to public in this acts, she guide clients or personalities, she distributives information of client, filters visites, distributes presents and catalogues.


She has special formation to work in other diferents services and she has a high level of knowledge of client to represent perfectly this business, we desire own clients have a best services and they are happiness of own services.



Her job is translating conversations in intervention's order, although in function of necessites of service, she prepares to realises the other tasks of rest modalities hostess' services.


Her perfil carry out all requirements of congresses, conventions and fairs hostesses, but also, she domines an other diferent maternal language.



This work consist to mount an interesting information's point, it elected by own client to give a services of clients and guests. The more usual placing is in Hotels to give an useful information, for exemple:


Museums and centers of touristic interesting.

Commercial centers


Leisure places










-Promotional Objects (T-Shirts, Caps, Uniforms, etc...)




-Lunch and mid morning snack



-Private cars

-High class cars





-Publish and stage buses

-Publish and stage vans




Animation's service in Discothèques (dancers)


Child's parties, Clowns, Actors, Musicians, Magicians, etc...

-Simultaneous translating

-Consecutive translating

-Method and sworn translating

-Videos translating


-Technical Staff, box mounting, head phones...